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Academic Biography

I was born in Santiago de Chile, San Miguel district, in 1980. After finishing high school, in 1998 I enrolled in the Bachelor Program in Literature and Linguistics at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I graduated in 2004 with a thesis about La Nueva Novela, a work by the Chilean avant-gard poet Juan Luis Martínez. In 2001 I started the Bachelor Program in Philosophy at the same university. I graduated in 2006 with a thesis on the theoretical philosophy of Immanuel Kant. In 2007, while I was working as a high school teacher, I entered the Master Program in Philosophy of Science at Universidad de Santiago de Chile. I finished the courses in 2008, but I didn't write the thesis. In 2010 I got a full grant (BecasChile) to pursue doctoral studies abroad. I moved to the Netherlands and enrolled in the MSc Program in History and Philsophy of Science at Utrecht University. I obtained my MSc degree in

Kata Springinzeisz and me, Puyehue National Park

2012, and my PhD in september 2014. In my MSc thesis and in my dissertation--under Dennis Dieks' supervision--I dealt with the problem of empirical equivalence and underdetermination of theory choice. I addressed the problem from a general conceptual point of view, and in two case-studies in modern physics: Lorentz's ether theory vs. special relativity, and standard quantum mechanics vs. de Broglie-Bohm quantum theory. My MSc thesis came in second place in the Hanneke Janssen Memorial Prize 2012, and it won the Utrecht University-wide Best Graduate Thesis Prize 2012-2013 (report, video). In 2014 I returned to Chile, and in 2015 I got an Assistant Professor position at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso. In 2019 I moved back to Santiago, where I was appointed Assistant

Professor at the Philosophy Institute, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. My published work and current research focus on the foundations of special relativity and quantum mechanics. During the fall term 2017 I was a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh. I am a founding member and coordinator of the Chilean Society for the Philosophy of Science. I organize the Chilean Conferences on the Philosophy of Physics.

Yoda, Shrek and Amy Winehouse
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